} Advantages


Softlon Screed TM provide:

  • Good impact sound insulation at low thicknesses
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical stability
  • Flat ’undulation-free’ laying with good thickness tolerances
  • Good water vapour barrier
  • Environmental friendliness

Features & Benefits

  • Light-weight, inert, does not deteriorate or mildew
  • Good ecological balance (recyclable resp. reusable)
  • Easy to cut with a knife, does not crumble


  • Negligible water absorption
    Physically crosslinked, fine cell structure
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • High compressive strength
  • Low thickness loss
  • Good long-term performance
  • Excellent water vapour barrier

Low dynamic stiffness - highly elastic

  • Good impact sound insulation
  • Easy to lay and fold
  • May be walked on during laying

Low thickness, low thickness tolerances, smooth sheet with no undulation

  • Only slight increase of floor thickness
  • Easy to lay, no problem with joins