} Boston Vietnam Pharmaceutical Factory

Boston Vietnam Pharmaceutical Factory

Founded in 2007, Boston Pharma manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical products, functional foods, and the quality and safety of paraphernalia in Europe and the United States. Currently, Boston Pharma has 10 treatment groups with nearly 100 types distributed throughout the country.

At the Boston plant, formulas, production processes, quality standards and testing methods were transferred from Boston Pharmaceutical Inc. THE USA. All machines and equipment are equipped with modern and synchronous, imported from USA, Germany, Spain, Korea ...

In particular, Boston Pharma is the first pharmaceutical factory in Vietnam to be fully equipped with a Building Management System (BMS). The system helps to set up, control and control the specifications required to ensure the best production conditions and control of US standards.

Cong Bang Corporation (CBC) is proud to be the supplier of materials for this project with Thermobreak insulation products.