} Daewon Da Phuoc urban area - Danang

Daewon Da Phuoc urban area - Danang

Project name: Daewon Da Phuoc urban area
Location: Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

  • The complex consists of 18-hole golf resort, international standard, yacht harbor, international hotel, national convention center, 60-storey office building, commercial center, luxury villa and apartment with the scale of 8,500 apartments.
  • Approximately 180 ha of Danang Bay is leveled to serve this project. It is expected that by 2010, the ground leveling of the project will be completed and within 10 years from the date of commencement, Daewon will put Da Phuoc new urban area in use. 
  • The high-rise hotel and apartment complex combined with an observation tower to admire Da Nang from above will be arranged along the arc to embrace Da Nang Bay. Inside, facing the golf course is a cultural and commercial center arranged alternately adjacent apartment. low-rise buildings, hotels, connected by canals. The area of ​​trees, parks, waterways ... built between these works. 
  • Commercial - residential area: 40ha. 
  • High-rise apartment buildings: 17.2 hectares with 33 floors on average with 8,500 apartments.
  • International school area - 2.5ha, sea club, marina. Along the beach will form a walking route for visitors. At the same time, a large boulevard will connect the cultural center with the buildings in the interior. 
  • Town house, villa: 29ha. 
  • 60-storey office building. 
  • The theater and international convention center will be on the sea, with eye icons, daylight and electric lighting at night, highlighting a jewel. 
  • In addition, D-City also has walking trails along the sea and boulevard connecting the cultural center with inland works. 
Cong Bang Corporation CBC is pleased to be the supplier of materials for this project with Thermobreak insulation products