} Goft Valley Hotel Dalat

Goft Valley Hotel Dalat

Golf Valley Dalat luxury villas in the center of Dalat city on the Xuan Huong Lake, only 300 meters far from the market and Dalat flower garden, adjacent to Da Lat Palace Golf ... Golf Villas Dalat Valley promises to be a great place for your family, where you enjoy the cool climate, tranquility, quiet especially in hot summer days ... Moreover, when living in a separate area Golf Valley Dalat family also enjoy the benefits, 5-star service right in their living area such as: park more than 33,000 m2, restaurant, commercial center, 5 star hotel, lake water .

Golf Valley Dalat resort villas combined with trade centers, offices and apartments with the size of nearly 20 hectares, is divided into five subdivisions: Residential area consists of single, double and single villas. Luxury apartments occupy nearly 50,000 m2, equivalent to 26% of commercial center, service and 5 star hotel occupies nearly 17000 m2, equivalent to 9.6% Greenery park, landscape lake, roads, public yards accounted for 78,000 square meters, equivalent to 39%

Cong Bang Corporation (CBC) is pleased to be the supplier of materials for this project with Thermobreak insulation products.