} Internal & External Duct Insulation

Internal & External Duct Insulation

Supply, return and extract air ducts for all ductwork shall be insulated with physically cross-linked polyolefin foam with factory applied reinforced aluminium foil.
Insulation shall have the following specifications:

  • Physically cross-linked, open cell polyolefin foam with factory applied reinforced aluminium foil and factory applied acrylic adhesive backing.
  • Density: 25 kg/m3 (foam core only).
  • Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C518): Maximum 0.036 W/m.°K at mean temperature 23oC.
  • Service Temperature Range: - 80°C ~ +80°C (adhesive backing).
  • Zero mould growth when tested to ASTM G21.
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.40 (ISO 354).
  • Fire Rating: Class 0 to BS476 Parts 6 and 7.
  • Complies with AS 4254 Part 2 fire performance requirements.
  • Ensure that the substrate surface is clean, dry and at ambient temperature prior to installation.
  • Seal all joints with specified reinforced aluminium foil tape.
  • Refer to manufacturer’s instructions for installing insulation around ductwork and fittings.