} Jamona Height Building - HCMC

Jamona Height Building - HCMC

Jamona Heights is a high rise project located within the Jamona Golden Silk Project, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Jamona Heights has a total area of ​​5,700m2, with a construction density of 40%, including two 17-storey towers and a basement.

The project of Jamona Heights apartments has 286 apartments, with an area of ​​51 - 95m2 from 5 - 17 floors, arranged from 1-3 bedrooms, 80 Office-tel from floors 3 to 4 has an area of ​​29 - 48m2 and 6 storehouse on the 1,2 floor area from 150 - 189m2. Jamona Heights is a high-rise complex located in the Jamona River Delta, 7.6 hectares of land. Jamona Heights is full of amenities for residents with family health care, white sand and water plaza. light, smart vegetable garden system, swimming pool, gym, shopping mall ...

Cong Bang Corporation (CBC) is proud to be the supplier of materials for this project with Thermobreak insulation products