} Movenpick Resort Phu Quoc

Movenpick Resort Phu Quoc

Movenpick Resort Phu Quoc is built on a scale of 51.62 hectares on the west coast of Ngoc Phu Quoc Island with 329 Condotel and 50 villas with facilities movenpick resort Phu Quoc outstanding such as water parks and swimming pools, spa area Relax, the "sala" party and seaside convention center and the 1000m2 convention center and theater, outdoor stage with cooking school, beach club, children's play area, etc. are all set up. Elegant and modern design to bring the value of enjoyable experiences for all visitors.

Movenpick Resort Phu Quoc owns 52 luxury amenities to cater to the needs of travelers

  • Water park and swimming pool: The resort is not to mention this feature. Swimming pools and water parks are elaborately designed and the details promise to provide the most relaxing space for visitors.
  • Spa Relax: Western style that is elegant, elegant but not less luxurious is sure to be a bad choice for the sophisticated lady. 
  • "Sala" party on the beach: this is the most interesting point in the system of utility of this project. This place will be an extremely suitable place for important wedding parties, memorable beach parties. 
  • Convention Center 1000m2: extremely large and airy with extremely large capacity suitable for formal events and class. The conference center is designed in the most modern and quality.
  • Outdoor theater and stage: If Phu Quoc night entertainment mainly takes place in ... night market, Movenpick Resort Phu Quoc has a cool outdoor theater and stage ready to go along with. music night with tourists. 
  • Hotel - Seafood restaurant, cooking school: high class restaurant system and cooking school convergence of famous dishes in four directions and outdoor bar overlooking sea will be an attractive destination for Diners love romance, luxury and dusty, bold nature.
Cong Bang Corporation (CBC) is proud to be the supplier of materials for this project with Thermobreak insulation products