} Silent Shield Underlay

Silent Shield Underlay

There are 3 types of Silent Shield Underlay: Standard, Professional and Premium.

Silent Shield Underlay is specifically designed for noise isolation in fixed floor covering systems.
The product is made with physically cross-linked closed cell polyolefin foams that are lightweight, environmentally friendly, and extremely versatile. Installed between the sub-floor and screed, the products provide outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation, moisture protection and resistance to creep. The fine, closed-cell products are available in continuous rolls or sheets and have two smooth skins making it very easy to fabricate.

This underlay has numerous special characteristics that make it an ideal cost-effective solution for an unlimited range of applications. Silent Shield Underlay were certified as extremely safe and clean products by many different global individual testers such as RoHS, FDA và Green Star.

Silent Shield is specifically enhanced by a film layer, making its durability and water-resistance reach the absolute level. Used mostly in the finest buildings, this product line is the choice for those who seek for perfection and extraordinariness.