} Silent Shield Underlay


Silent Shield Acoustic Underlay from Australia can protect the timber floor and reduce the impact/drum sound.

This is the high-end product line possessing the preeminent properties of #SoftlonUnderlay such as high elasticity, not subsidence as common floor underlay (white foam, silver foam) do, absorbing unevenness in base floor and completely eliminating creaking sounds while walking, minimizing drum and impact sounds excellently.

And also absolutely do not generate VOC toxic gases such as "Memory foam" products. Silent Shield Underlay products are also enhanced with a layer of silver or gold foil/film to protect the products from tearing during the construction process and increasing the ability of water and moisture resistance to absolute.

This is a special product line for high-class customers who need to find the perfect and difference for their homes, especially villas, villas, penthouse or luxury apartments.

With 20m2 each roll is neatly packed, it is convenient and easy to order and carry during construction.