} Soflon & Silent Shield Underlay

Soflon & Silent Shield Underlay - Soundproof and protect timber floors

Softlon and Silent Shield Acoustic Underlay of Sekisui Group are manufactured by the most advanced and clean technology, which is widely used in car interiors of luxury car manufacturers in the world and used in many luxury hotels such as JW Marriott, MGallery, Rosewood, Emion Hotel, and many villas, penthouses and apartments ...

The outstanding features of the product are good elasticity, excellent ability to reduce drum sound and impact sound, especially without smell and improve the air quality in the room. As a result, the user's health is preserved and the user experience a quiet space and a smooth feeling on every step. Both underlay product lines have met European, US and Australian safety standards such as RoHS, FDA and Green Star; Ensuring clean and safe products.

In addition to the Silent Shield Underlay product line, it also has a special film layer that enhances the durability and moisture resistance to absolute levels. Make the product become an ideal underlay, which can soundproof and protect timber floors in the long run.

Currently, Softlon and Silent Shield Underlay are being exclusively distributed by Cong Bang Corporation.