} Thermobreak Hot & Cold Pipe Insulation

Thermobreak Hot & Cold Pipe Insulation

Lowest thermal conductivity among flexible insulation

Thermal conductivity -0.032 W/m.K –(@23oC mean temp, 50% -70% RH) 

Over 18% better than chemically cross-linked insulation closed cell foam 

Almost zero water vapour permeability and absorption for effective condensation control 
Due to its closed cell structure and additional foil facing, Thermobreak ® is classified under British standards, as vapor barrier itself

Superior physical barrier protection 

Thickest 9µm pure aluminum foil facing and factory applied strong reinforced weave 

Extensive fire and smoke testing and certification 

All fire and smoke tests are certified by International Independent Laboratories 

Faster Installation 

The “”All in one “system enables fast and easy installation thus providing significant installation savings and a superior job finish. No additional vapour barriers, coatings or mechanical fasteners are required .